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Throughout the central valley almond handlers know that Going Nuts Inc. is the best place for steam pasteurization. We maintain high quality and quick service for the conventional and organic grower. With our 18,000 lbs of almond processed per hour, we will quickly service your crop. Packaging includes 25lb boxes, 50lb. boxes, Super Sacks, wood, plastic and fiber Bins.

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Specializing in the business of steam pasteurizing quality Almonds on a sustainable basis, providing maximum returns.

About Us

Family Operation

Dale and Sheri Alquist started in the nut and fruit industry in 1980. Since starting Going Nuts Inc. in 2007, Dale and his son-in- law Zeb Brown have been pasteurizing millions of pounds of almonds. Situated in Madera CA, they are at the heart of the central valley’s almond industry.

We are a family owned and operated almond pasteurization plant capable of treating 18,000 lbs of almonds an hour with a 24-hour average turn around. Situated in Madera CA, the heart of almond country, we can service your almonds quickly.

The Going Nuts Family:

  • Dale Alquist Owner
  • Zeb Brown Plant Manager
  • Chris Jones Assistant Plant Manager
  • Elaine Reichard Office Manager
  • Jerardo Mendez Quality Assurance
Steam Pasteurization.

In the 2000’s there were several cases of salmonella that were traced back to raw almonds. Rules were put in place to prevent that happening again.

There are two accepted processes used in the Almond Industry. One is chemical pasteurization using toxic chemicals to kill all microbes and insects. The other is steam pasteurization which uses super-heated steam to sterilize the surface microbes and insects.

The major differences are the chemical pasteurization leaves chemical residue on the nuts. The steam pasteurized nuts have no residue and are still viable. You can plant them and they will sprout almond trees.

We service the conventional and organic growers of central California. Packaging
  • 25 lb box
  • 50 lb box
  • Super sacks
  • Fiber bins lined
  • Wooden bins lined
  • Plastic bins lined

Many in the market do not consider chemical pasteurization acceptable. Chemical processing uses pesticides to kill all the microbes and insects it also kills the viability of the almond itself. It also leaves a chemical residue on the nuts that will not go away.

While steam pasteurization does kill the microbes and insects it does not kill the nut. The processed nut can still sprout and grow into a tree. Since we run a kosher plant, you can be assured of great service and quality.

  • We can process 18,000 lbs of almonds per hour
  • We have an average of 24 hours turnaround
  • Lab analysis and lot numbers available upon request
  • Custom packing and labeling

We are happy to assist you. Please call us at
(559) 661-7001

We Provide Organic Pasteurizing Services

Since 2007 all raw almonds are required by law to be pasteurized. We provide the safest and healthiest solution for your crop. Steam pasteurization leaves no lingering pesticide residue and still allows the almond to sprout.

Almond Pasteurizing

While truly raw almonds must be purchased directly from the orchard, all almonds sold retail or wholesale must be pasteurized. PPO Pasteurization ..

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